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Fufu Token FUFU ETH

Contract Address:   0x7b37A55FFB30C11D95F943672AE98F28cFB7b087  

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FUFU is an Ethereum-based ERC token with the ticker symbol FUFU, presenting a culturally inspired and playful Chinese dog meme coin backed by AI and value appreciation tokenomics. Drawing from the traditional guardian Fu Dog of ancient Chinese history, FUFU boasts a total supply of 8,888,888,888.00 tokens. It leverages a unique approach by integrating an AI-powered trading bot into its ecosystem. Integral to the project's functioning is the FuFu AI bot, which relies on proprietary algorithms to execute daily trades. This trading activity aims to uphold the underlying utility and value of the FUFU token. With its fusion of cultural symbolism, dynamic tax system, token buybacks, and AI-powered trading, FUFU seeks to create a unique and engaging environment for AI-powered dog meme tokens.

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Coin Information

KYC: Not KYC Verified
Audit: Not Audited
Listing Status: 500/500 LISTED
Launch: 07 October 2023 18:58:00
Votes: 6k
Votes Today: 0

Coin Market Data

Price (USD): $ 0.00068040575447116
Price Change (24h): 1.78% ↑
Marketcap: $ 6048051
Total Liquidity: $136208

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